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Therapy Benefits

Dr. Leib has helped her clients...
Have An Improved Quality of Life

Increase self-esteem and self-confidence,

Set boundaries without guilt,

Self-care in healthy ways,

Enhance meaningful friendships and connection,

Improve communications skills,

Successfully manage anxiety and depression,

Improve body image,

Express anger constructively,

Be more effective at school and work.

Have Successful and Rewarding Relationships

Improve social skills and find meaningful, healthy friendships,

Identify "love language" and additional needs and wants from a relationship,

Develop relationship skills with a partner facilitating communication, passion, and intimacy,

Decide whether to stay in or end a relationship,

Recover from divorce or an ended relationship,

Mitigate the consequences of infidelity, betrayal, abuse

Have More Loving and Supportive Families

Resolve conflict and value differences,

Integrate understanding and acceptance of personality differences,

Improve communication and conflict resolution,

Enhance insight into family dynamics,

Heal wounds created within the family

Parent with confidence and compassion


Have Smoother Life Transitions


Adjust to a new school setting,

Navigate and manage anxiety of college applications and acceptance,

Blending of families,

Mitigate and recover from a death,

Successfully navigate a change in career,

Adapt to and accept changes in one’s physical health.


Dr. Leib is extraordinarily qualified to provide valuable assistance in all of these areas not only because of her education, training and certifications, and extensive work experience, but also through her personal life experiences.

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